Los Angeles County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies


The Kenneth Hahn Call Box System is comprised of over 4,400 call boxes installed throughout Los Angeles County and is currently the only motorist aid program managed by SAFE. An average of over 20,000 calls per month to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) are generated from the call box system. The Los Angeles County SAFE is the largest and most active motorist aid call box system in California.

Call Box Projects

The Kenneth Hahn Call Box System is in the planning stages of a redesign of the system to make it accessible to the greatest number of motorist.  Most call box sites will be changed to make them accessible to mobility impaired motorist.  The Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies has just completed a multi-year project to install Text Teletypewriter (TTY) keypads on each call box within Los Angeles County.  Other projects include the process of selecting a new cellular carrier for the call box system, selection of a maintenance contractor for the entire system, and call answering privatization.  Currently, each call box call is answered by the CHP, but most calls do not require CHP assistance. 

Completed Projects

To improve the accessibility of call boxes to hearing and/or speech-impaired individuals SAFE began the installation of Text Teletypewriter (TTY) keypads and display screens on over 4,400 call boxes throughout Los Angeles County on April 19, 1999. The system-wide improvement was completed by the end of June 2000.  A sign with the international TDD symbol easily identifies each TTY-equipped call box.

Easy-to-use instructions guide the caller in the use of the TTY call box. A series of interactive questions assist the user to determine the nature of the call, including the use of the keypad or handset. When needed, the keypad automatically deploys from beneath the call box and when the call is completed, it automatically retracts.

SAFE had the improved TTY call box displayed for public review at the National Center on Deafness, located at California State University - Northridge and at the Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness headquarters.


A brochure of the new TTY call box may be requested by contacting SAFE.

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